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One question that people often ask is, how long would it take to see the whole island, well thatís a hard one to answer. Some say 3 days and others stay two weeks and say they want to come back to see the rest of the Island. So its up to you what you want out of your holiday here but Iím sure what ever it is you will enjoy your time here.

There is a lot to see once you are here and planing your day will be a good idea. Some of the tourist attractions have set times they run tours so you might want to put some time and effort in to your schedule if youíre planning to see as much as you can in one day. There can be lots of travelling in between locations.

There are tour busses that do day trips, these busses (sorry luxury coaches) will take you to some of the main attractions and are very handy if your not comfortable driving every where or donít have a vehicle. Also there are smaller tour companyís that offer personalised tours of the Island in modern 4 wheel drive vehicleís, they can pick you up from either the airport or ferry and take you to placeís that you want to see. If you only have one day to spare and have certain attractions you want to see this maybe your best option.

If you do have limited time and you want to see as much as you can I would suggest staying at a different location each night, you will eliminate some of the travelling time. It is possible to travel from Adelaide via a coach to the Island, go on a highlights tour of the Island and back to Adelaide in one day, it makes a long days travel but if you have limited time and you really want to see the Island, then this could be for you.

Cape Willoughby Lighthouse and Light Keepers Cottages - Kangaroo Island

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Koala - Kangaroo Island

Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse - Kangaroo Island