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How To Get To Kangaroo Island

Thinking about a holiday on Kangaroo Island, well your first step will be getting here. There are two ways to get here, by plane or ferry. There is a coach service that offers return trips from Adelaide to the ferry terminal at Cape Jervis, this is ideal if you haven't got a vehicle.

Plane travel is from Adelaide and it takes about thirty minutes flight time to get here, most planeís are only light aircraft that hold about 30 passengers or less. So if you are thinking of booking a large group you may want to enquire well in advance. From the airport they have a shuttle bus that can transport you to Kingscote, which is the main town of the island. This trip will only take 10 minutes or so and I would ask when you book tickets about the times the shuttle bus runs. There are hire cars available at the airport but once again I would enquire about that before you get here.

Regional Express Airline

Ferry, there is currently only one company that travels to the island Sealink, they run two ferries that carry passengers and vehicles. They leave from Cape Jervis, this is about a 2 hour plus drive from Adelaide City Centre. Depending on your driving ability you may want to allow more time, its better to be early then to miss the ferry because they wonít wait.


Also on your drive you will come across a turn off for Myponga Reservoir, this is a scenic drive that will take you across the reservoir and should not add any more time to your trip. Some locals say its quicker but that will depend on traffic. If you decide to go this way maybe allow some extra time so you can take a few photo's.

Once you have made your way to Cape Jervis just follow the road until you see the ferry. Make sure you check in when you get there, then itís only a 50 minute trip across the water to paradise, I mean Kangaroo Island. You will arrive at Penneshaw, a few things to remember when arriving at Penneshaw if you are travelling late; The service station is open from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm but you can still get petrol 24 hrs a day using a credit card. The local supermarket is open from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm and the local hotel is open from 11.00 am with meal service finishing at 9.00 pm.

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