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Places To Visit On Kangaroo Island

Eucalyptus Distillery

And no itís not a form of alcohol unfortunately, its oil extracted from the leaf of the eucalyptus tree, this is the last working distillery in South Australia. They offer tours and have many products for purchase made from Eucalyptus oil including shampoo. Itís believed that aboriginals used Eucalyptus as a form of medicine.

Emu Ridge Eucalyptus

Lavender Farms

There are two lavender farms on the Island; they offer products for sale like, essential oils, scented candles and soap. If you like your Lavender then make the time to see one or both of these places.

Emu Bay Lavender

Kangaroo Island Lavender Ph 08 8553 8209

Honey Farms

There are two companies that produce honey on the Island and itís all good. Stop by and sample some of the several different varieties that are available, most visitors that do try end up purchasing some to take home with them. If you like it that much inquire about their mailing options.

Clifford's Honey Farm

Island Beehive

Lugurian Bee - Kangaroo Island

Shearing Demonstration

If you have ever wondered what its like to shear a sheep well wonder no more, there is a shearing demonstration available by appointment only with a minimum of 4 people.

Rob's Shearing Demo's Ph 08 8553 1068

Sheep Dairy

Well I think some one made a mistake with this one; I thought it was cows that you milked not sheep. But seriously they do make some great Cheese and Yoghurts; I would say the Haloumi on a barbeque would be my favourite. They also have gourmet baskets with a range of their productís, this would go great with that chicken and Champaign you are having on the beach later.

Island Pure Sheep Dairy Ph 08 8553 9110

Fresh Seafood

If you are after fresh seafood well there are only two places on the island for that and they are both in Kingscote. They have a large variety of locally caught seafood, so call in and try some fresh Kangaroo Island seafood.

Marron Farm

Marron are fresh water crayfish, they were introduced to the Island and farming them has become another one of the islands industries. There is only one farm that offers tours and they also have a cafť so you can experience marron at there freshest.

Andermel Marron


There are several wineries on the Island and the number seems to be growing. If you like your wine, well you might want to allow a whole day to see them all, it can take a while tasting.  A better idea might be visiting one or two a day while you are touring around, they are spread through out the Island.

Bay of Shoals Wines

False Cape Wines

Dudley Wines

Sunset Winery

Islander Estate Wines

Chapman River Wines Ph 08 8553 1371

Two Wheeler Creek Wines

Vineyard - Kangaroo Island

Wildlife Parks

There are two wildlife parks on Kangaroo Island so if you want to see wildlife up close then here is a must for you. Holding a koala or feeding some  kangaroo's is possible at these parks. Make sure you check tour times and opening times as they do vary depending on the time of year.

Paul's Place

Parndana Wildlife Park

Art Galleries

There are several art galleries on the island, with a variety of different art; there are two that display most of the artist on the island. The other galleries are more selective with what they display or they display their own work. The two main ones are at Baudin Beach and Kingscote, others are dotted through out the island and are worth a look.

Kingscote Gallery Ph 08 8553 2868

Baudin Beach Gallery Ph 08 8553 1381

Birds of Prey

Here you will get a close look at some of Australia's native bird life with a  public display every day including the Wedge Tailed Eagle, so make room in your schedule to visit here.

Birds of Prey

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