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Kangaroo Island Activities


There are many bush walking trails to explore, so take your camera and enjoy some of the most beautiful and natural bush land. Walking trails can be found through out the island and can range from a ten minute walk to a whole day walk, I like the ten minute oneís myself.

Bush Track at Sunset - Kangaroo Island

National Parks of Kangaroo Island (pdf 2.4)

Little Sahara - Sand Boarding

A hidden treasure, from an island that has so much already, climb to the top of the white sand dunes and take in the view of the surrounding bushland and coast. Take a sand board with you and enjoy riding down the razorback ridges. There are boards available for hire at the Vivonne Bay Store, so if the kids still have energy left, take them there, this will tire the little devils out.


The island has several beaches that are known for good surf; they include Pennington Bay, Vivonne Bay and Stokes Bay. For the more experienced surfers there is DíEstrees Bay and Hanson Bay and always take caution of strong rips and undertows on any beach.

Pennington Bay - Kangaroo Island

Information on Rips


If you like to fish from jetties then the Kingscote jetty is your best bet but Penneshaw, Vivonne Bay and American River also have good jetties to fish from. If you are in to your beach fishing then any beach will do. Some local knowledge will help so when you go to buy some bait donít be frighten to ask, most local's will let you know what has been caught lately and where.


There are lots of beaches on the Island, Emu Bay is the beach the locals use during summer, only because they are too slack to get out of their cars and walk. Yes you can drive your car on this beach but there are good beaches every where on the island. Some are very secluded and if you are lucky you might be the only ones there, so pack your lunch or dinner and have a picnic on the beach. With any beach take caution of strong rips and undertows.

Baudin Beach - Kangaroo Island


Where do I start, thatís what you will be thinking when you get here, there is so much to photograph. There is plenty of scenery, plenty of wildlife, plenty of birds, have a look at the photos around this website and thatís just a start.

Bird Watching

If you like your bird life well there is no shortage here, they are every where, in fact there are so many cockatoo's that they are slowly killing the trees, they seem to nest in one until there is nothing left. There are a few lagoons around the island that make great places for bird watching.

Cockatoo's - Kangaroo Island

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